Tarot was something a lot deeper than my obsession with birth charts and my fascination with archaic symbols.

Tarot became the hotline to my inner voice. This connection was something that would allow me to consistently make decisions that were an honest reflection of my needs and wants. Leading me to feel a hell of a lot more fulfilled in my life.

Tarot Reading, gives me an opportunity to help others experience this as well. This path started from performances at events and private sessions at Wanderlust Hollywood. Later down the road, I launched my own Tarot Deck – ABRABINAH TAROT – which gives others an opportunity to study my unique approach. I spent the greater part of 2019 on a U.S. tour with Wanderlust to promote it.

My time now is spent making creative Tarot content, collaborating, performing Tarot Readings at events, but foremost since COVID-19, holding virtual private Tarot Readings over Zoom.

Virtual Tarot Readings