XV the devil

You’re not who you say you are.

Superficiality, limiting-beliefs, and self-labeling fall in this Devil’s lane. A superficial life keeps up the appearance, but won’t actually fulfill your soul. Remember, The Stepford Wives? Not good. Trusting those limiting-beliefs will keep you chained to a fixed reality that won’t let you explore the infinite ways of The Universe. Pigeonholing through self-labeling keeps you one-dimensional and we all know that’s not true about you. Feel how stuck these vibes can make you? These values are driven by fear. Check-in to see what you’re actually afraid of.

Legend has it that the devil roams this earth as a goat.

♑ : Break free from the cultural social norms.

REAL QUICK: Dare to be different. Don’t be a prisoner to society. Find your own way.

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