XVIII the moon

All of the feels.

There are many cycles in life. The ups and the downs. The highs and the lows. These waves exist to move you, so you can experience an array of emotions that shape your views, behavior, and thoughts. Without these waves, you’ll never find a balance. Balance is where you find what makes you happy. Although, it is preferred that these waves are small, if they are huge, it is best to strive for emotional stability for clarity. Whatever is feeling distant right now needs you to reevaluate its purpose in your life, so when it returns it can serve a purpose rather than fill a silly void.

The full moon illuminating areas of your life that need your attention.

♆ : See the bigger picture.

REAL QUICK: If under a New or Full Moon, check to see which House the Moon is activating. The ups and downs. Distance gives you clarity.

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