II the priestess

The Original Moonchild.

You are mastering the art of knowing through your work as a lightworker, healer, therapist, or doctor. You’ve got a little je ne sais quoi when it comes to your work. It is the gift from the Moon. You may know it as your intuition, maternal instincts, or gut feeling. You receive her trustworthy insight through dreams, a vision, or a flash download. Share what you receive no matter how absurd it may seem. Don’t hold this wisdom back for this is how you will truly heal others.

The two entrance way pillars to Solomon’s Temple.

☽ : Tap into your divine feminity.

REAL QUICK: Help should come from a healing practice that resonates best with you (therapy, nutritionist, crystal healer, astrologer, etc.). A time to pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Tap into your higher-self.

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