XX the aeon

Just a little trip.

Your world just doesn’t feel the same. There is a blend of the old you mixing in with the new you. Uncertain to where the old ends and the new begins, you struggle to decide which side you should choose. This transition was initiated by a series of inherited new beliefs, values, and practices inspiring you to evolve. Know this as your re-birth (a.k.a. an energetic shift). To fully crossover, you will need to prove to The Universe that this is, indeed, your new way of being. What better way than to really test your faith in them. This can be a challenging time, so stay true to the new you. As your faith grows, the quicker everything else around you will settle.

The pyramids are a symbol of rebirth.

△: Fuel the new flame.

REAL QUICK: Conscious expansion. New vibrations. Re-birth.

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