Two ancient dialects create the word ABRABINAH.

ABRA (from Abracadabra), is an Aramaic word that means: 
I will create.

BINAH, is a sephirot in Qabbalah’s tree of life that means: 
feminine reasoning.

Together they mean: 
I will create through feminine reasoning.
The feminine reasoning is another word for your intuition, maternal instincts, divine feminine flow, or gut feeling.


ABRABINAH TAROT is a tool to strengthen your connection to your feminine reasoning (inner voice, intuition, gut feeling). Then, use this connection to help you create your reality the way that you want it be. This creates a nice balance between spirituality and reality.


ABRABINAH is based in Los Angeles and was founded by Helen Miamii Moon.

For many years Helen was a student of Mysticism. She finally found her mystical niche in 2015 as a Tarot Reader. Her journey has allowed her to work with brands like Lighting in a Bottle, Oh Holisticism, Savoir Agency, Vitrutvi, Teva, Outdoor Voices, Buzzfeed, and Wanderlust.