Full Moon August 2019


Mid August 2019 is just such a pivotal cosmic point in time allowing this Full Moon to add so much flavor to all that is going on. 

It’s inevitable that there is a lot of shifts and shakes going on in life. Collectively, we’ve moved through the infamous Lion’s Gate, whirled through the Summer Eclipses, and all while this was happening we had lovely Mercury running Retrograde. It’s just been… a lot.



Lucky for us, the final wrinkle to iron out all things that were ruled under Mercury’s domain (communication, travel, and technology) will straighten itself out on this August 15th’s Full Moon. This is because this day is also the last day of Mercury Retrograde’s Shadow Period. To give it to you straight, Shadow Periods exist in every planetary retrograde, it’s the climb and the descent to the initial Retrograde. This Full Moon marks the end of the descent of our last Mercury Retrograde. 

I’d like to stress that since Mercury Retrograde was during the Eclipses in July 2019, that much of the effects of those Eclipses were delayed. We should now see an onset of rapid forward momentum from these shakes now.


This month’s Full Moon lands at 22º Aquarius. Full Moons traditionally signify a culmination of events initiated from the Sign’s last New Moon. Since this Full Moon is in Aquarius, it’s a time to reflect back to when the New Moon was in Aquarius last (which was on February 4th, 2019). Reflect, since I want you to think about your accomplishments and lessons over the last 6 months that helped you reach this culmination on August 15th, 2019. Now, I want you to also see how these accomplishments and lessons fit into a bigger picture that spans back to 2 years. Why? This Aquarius Full Moon is the first non-eclipse influenced one in 2 years. In the last 2 years the Eclipses pinged the Leo/Aquarius axis and last month’s Eclipses moved us completely out of this axis. Basically, something that has played a huge role in your life is coming to a close under this Full Moon. 

Aquarius represents innovation, change, technology, and humanity. Your Full Moon Feels will more than likely point to one of these themes. Aquarius really couldn’t be more different than the emotional Moon. This is because Aqua has a tendency to be detached as it operates more rationally than emotionally. So, when these two energies merge together under this Full Moon I sense that it’s going to be a little hard for everyone to identify their emotions. I advise everyone to go slow and be gentle with yourself as you may be a bit more out of your body than usual.

This Full Moon will oppose Venus and Mars, both of them in Leo. It is a given that Full Moon’s equate to an opposition of the Sun, so that makes the Sun in Leo as well. Clearly, we’ve got a handful of Leo/ Moon oppositions on our plates right now! Opposition between any planets suggests tension. Between Leo and Aquarius, we see tension between ME and WE (respectively). With the Full Moon involved, it will finesse down to MY NEEDS vs. OUR NEEDS. Something will clash, which will be the final straw that will encourage you to finally break free. And this, my friend, will be the Full Moon shakedown.



I was shuffling away seeking Tarot’s guidance on this Full Moon. A card slipped out from the bottom, so I instinctively just went with that card. Our Aquarius Full Moon card is 5 of Swords.

As you can see a photoshoot clearly went down for this article. When I went through the photos there was one shot where I split the deck in half, weirdly, revealing the 5 of Swords (see photo to left). This was minutes prior to the 5 of Swords falling out from the bottom. I guess this message just wanted to get out!

The Swords in this card are placed strategically to hold space for an upside down pentacle. For a clearer reference, Google the Crowley-Thoth’s version of this card. The pentacle itself is represents the human spirit – upright would be a balanced spirit and upside down would be an unbalanced spirit.

With the pentacle being upside down in the 5 of Swords, it reflects your current state and asks you to reflect on the things in your environment that feel out-of-wack or not in alignment. That feeling, like, every step forward is another 10 steps backwards. In conjunction with the Full Moon energy, I see this state in reflection of the Aquarian themes (humanity, technology, and innovation) in your life. 

It’s a little hard to see in these photos, but, Venus in Aquarius lives in the 5 of Swords. If you have the ABRABINAH TAROT, you will see these symbols at the bottom of the card in white. Aquarius decided to shine through again in this Reading to re-enforce its potency under this Full Moon. When Venus + Aquarius dance like they do in this card, you’re asked to again observe your connections (Venus) to your environment. Aquarius (one-step ahead) signifies that your connection to your environment is a bit off. While we already identified this with the upside pentacle reference, this addition suggests that the out-of-balance state is because your soul has progressed.  

So, WTF now?

5 of Swords reflection of your current states asks you to take a moment to get real with yourself under this Full Moon. Identify all the things that aren’t really working then identify your priorities and values. Compare these two lists. Is it a total surprise that things weren’t working out? Especially with 5 of Swords, progress has been made internally. This could be months of self-work and inner discovery that has helped you shape a whole new way of approaching the world. As a result, your needs, priorities, and values have definitely changed. Next, I want you to take a look at the words you say and your behavior, is it a true reflection of your needs, priorities, and values? Take use of the events brought by this Full Moon by recognizing how you can change so your true self is clearer to the world. Move past this Full Moon by integrating that change into your life. 

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