Full Moon November 2019

What does the full moon on november 12th, 2019 mean?

Have you ever slept outside on a Full Moon? The light from the Moon is so bright that it can make nighttime seem as bright as daytime. Except that the Full Moon light is way more gentle than sunlight. It allows you to see everything around you comfortably with a soft glow. This is what I like to refer to as the Full Moon illuminations. Metaphorically, these illuminations light up an area of your life determined by the Zodiac Sign it lands in. It allows you to gently focus on a particular area of your life.

This Full Moon is at 19º Taurus on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019. Taurus infusing this Full Moon will light up money, safety, privacy, beauty, and values. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio oppose the Full Moon in Taurus, which means that the onset of events from Oct 11th, 2019 will give you some clues on why this area of your life is expanding or is stuck. It will give you the key you need to reshape your view around it so you can start to bring in more of what you want in your life.

The Full Moon will trine Pluto and Saturn. A trine between planets create a harmonious force between them. Moon trine Pluto makes your emotions deep, create strong desires, allows you to foresee into the future, and makes you magnetic. Moon trine Saturn ask you to sort these deep insights through practical ways or resort to your elders for wisdom.

With Scorpio and it’s ruling planet Pluto in the full mix under this Full Moon, there’s a huge possibility for emotions to get pretty dramatically overexposed right now. This isn’t to invoke fear, but to bring awareness to the energy that’s at your disposal so that if you spot it you can respond to it compassionately rather than impulsively. If it’s all feeling really heavy for you, ground down by totally unplugging for a few days or take a break in nature.


SIX OF CUPS is the card for your Full Moon Tarot Reading. This card is a reminder that The Universe is on your side. If you need any questions answered or feel confused on your path or need something to manifest in your life to just ask The Universe clearly. I say, clearly, as in think it out as much as you would if you were to ask your boss for a raise.

Sun in Scorpio on this card reminds you of the power of influence from just your vibration. The miracles and destruction that can happen from you from a sheer thought that originated from you.

In context to the Full Moon, I felt this card was asking me to pay special attention to all the Pluto energy flinging around right now. I say this because Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (Scorpio sources its energy from Pluto) and Moon trine Pluto. For some context around Pluto, this planet is powerful as hell. It can completely rise from the dead (figuratively, sometimes literally) or destruct (or self destruct). Pluto is a reminder of the responsibility you have when you obtain ultimate power of life and death. For any events that come up around this Full Moon, think twice about your actions, and especially if you are a powerful person to be wise about how you use that power. 


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