Full Moon September 2019


This month’s Full Moon is at 21º Pisces. The official mark being at 4:33 am UTC on September 15th, 2019.  It’s going to feel something like being under the influenceA Full Moon in Pisces is much like entering into a waking-dream. It’s ethereal, escapist, synchronistic, blurry, and beautiful all at the same time. This Full Moon is a culmination of what you chose to turn a blind eye to. It will be illuminated through the facts, so that there is no way to avoid it anymore or no way to keep believing a fallacy.

The Moon squares Jupiter and Jupiter squares Neptune. It is a ping-pong effect up in the sky between Jupiter (expansion and overindulgence), Neptune (spiritual and intuition) and the Moon (full moon vibes). Neptune rules Pisces, with it squaring off to Jupiter it will magnify the effects of the Pisces Full Moon. The harder you try to escape the truth, the stronger of a wall the Moon will build around you in order to make you listen.

You can look at this as a cosmic intervention. Self-love is the key here, so don’t mistake the illuminated oversights negatively. The oversight is purely a set of thoughts that kept you your own prisoner. Now is the time to break free from that. Since Pisces’s revelations are always for your highest good, what was illuminated will help you heal, move on, or bring closure. 

Saturn Goes Direct September 18th, 2019

3 days after the Pisces Full Moon Saturn will go direct (finally!). Every planet goes Retrograde. When they do they have a common underlying theme which is that your world will feel slow, progress feels dormant, and that there are more misses than hits. Saturn is tough. It pushes you, coaches you, and punishes you until you get right. Listen carefully to your inner voice over the next 7 days. Ask yourself, what is the lesson(s) that Saturn wants you to learn?

Saturn is also where we see Karma and when it goes Retrograde it’s a time period where we revisit the past to sort out our Karmic sh*t  – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is all to help restore the Universal balance to get you back on the track that will serve your higher-purpose. The illuminations under this Full Moon will be the final puzzle piece to get you realigned on that path.


The Tarot card that was drawn for this Full Moon is the 9 of Cups. The Suit of Cups brings awareness to your Earthly connections. Astrologically, the Suit starts with the energy of Water, which is depicted by the Ace of Cups. From  there it moves through the energy of Cancer, then Scorpio, and last, Pisces.

9 of Cups is a point in the Suit of Cups where Pisces energy is shown. As depicted above, Pisces is dreamy, spiritual, and healing. I literally couldn’t have selected a more cosmically aligned card since Jupiter is on this card as well. Also depicted earlier, Jupiter expands and magnifies.

The message from this card is to be wise with your time. To trust your intuition when an opportunity doesn’t feel right or if your resource doesn’t seem credible or if the offer smells a little fishy. See past the fluff that’s being presented to you.

Jupiter is what brings the opportunities, it’s the expansion. Pisces asks you to use your intuition, inner voice, or gut to filter out which one of these opportunities to commit to and to not be fooled into something that you know (deep down) is to good to be true.

In connection to the Full Moon Feels, this is renforcement to utilize the Pisces Full Moon vibes and operate off of your inner voice. Opportunities will present itself that will help you see the truth, so that you can move on to something greater.

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