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Tarot can be a very helpful guiding force in manifesting love. It’s messages can inspire you to move forward in a way that will bring you one step closer to the kind of love you want to manifest. Keep reading to see how to make these shifts in your life with a simple Tarot Reading.


Everyone has their own definition to love, let alone, the kind of love they want to manifest. Here’s a couple of questions I want you to think about or journal about before you start asking Tarot for spiritual love guidance.

1. In this tarot reading, what kind of love do you want to manifest? Self-love, romantic, life partner, best friend?  Choose one for now, but please repeat these steps if you want to manifest other kinds of love as well. 

2. What does the love you listed above look like to you?

3. How do you want to feel when you have this kind of love?


Abracadabra, means I create through my words. This is a mystical theory that the words that come out of your own mouth define your own reality. It is much like a hex, good or bad, which is why when you want to manifest anything, it’s crucial to be mindful of what you are saying around that very thing you want so badly. Here is a list of commonly misused phrases that can interrupt your love manifestation success.

“Will I ever get married?”

“I think I’m destined to be alone”

“A psychic told me it was going to be hard for me to find love”

“Will I ever forgive myself?”

“I have too much baggage to be in a relationship”

“I should focus on my career instead”

When manifesting love it’s imperative to believe that it will be, even as if it is now. It’s all about law of attraction, baby, brush up on The Secret if you need to refresh on this.


I listed out the 6 cards that illustrate Venus (the symbol of love) in a traditional Tarot Deck. I want you to find them then set them aside in a separate pile. By only working with the cards that have Venus on them, you are creating a focused reading around love. 

2 of Cups – Venus in Cancer

7 of Cups – Venus in Scorpio

4 of Wands – Venus in Aries

9 of Disks – Venus in Virgo

5 of Swords – Venus in Aquarius

Empress – Venus

After you collect these 6 tarot cards, set a mood in the room to prep for the reading. You can dim the lights, lighting candles, burning sage, etc.


In this Tarot Reading, it’s NOT about when and if the love want to manifest will happen. We established that a few sections back. It will be about the spiritual work you can do now in order to manifest love. Hold the pile of 6 Tarot Cards in your hands, close your eyes, focus your energy into the cards then ask them:

What spiritual work can you [Tarot] suggest I do so that I can be closer to manifesting [insert your answer to question 1 in the DEFINE LOVE section].

Mix-up (shuffle) the cards for one full minute. As your shuffling think about the question or anything else that comes up when you think about manifesting love. After you’ve shuffled for that full minute fan the cards out face down in any particular way. You just want to visually be able to see the backs of all of them in front of you. Take a moment to scan all the cards with your eyes then select the one that you feel gravitated towards. Find the card you got below to see it’s meaning in context to love manifestation + to see the work you can do now in order to manifest that love.

two OF cups

2 of Cups has one big secret to share with you about being in a well-balanced relationship, which is that you know you’re in one when what you’re giving is what you’re getting back.

Venus in Cancer is an astrological combination that promotes love connections through nurture and family.

Work on being extra mindful of the kind of energy you feed into your relationships. Dynamics can/will change when you alter how you show up to them.

seven OF cups

7 of Cups gets real about your blind-eye. Any disastrous ending happened because you choose to not see a situation clearly.

Venus in Scorpio is an astrological combination that promotes love connections through honesty and trust. 

Work on
not rationalizing the red flags that you saw waaay way way in the beginning.

four OF wands

4 of Wands  pushes you to bring out your best self. Take initiative on your wants and needs then make sure you see them through to the finish line. 

Venus in Aries is an astrological combination that promotes love connections through perseverance and commitment.

Work on initiating relationships that you want to have. Kind of like being a hunter, but not in a stalkery kind of way.

nine OF disks

9 of Disks has a DIY mentality. “Nobody else can do it the way that I want it done”, so I’ll just do it myself. It can make you a very successful business owner or employee, but who wants a one-way relationship?

Venus in Virgo is an astrological combination that promotes love connections detailed attention.

Work on
being vulnerable enough to allow someone to help you through life unconditionally and learn to accept that love is not a job that needs to be efficiently completed alone.

five OF swords

5 of Swords check the alignment of your external expressions with your wants. Currently, these two are in conflict – want you actually want is not clear to you, another person, collective, or the Universe.

Venus in Aquarius is an astrological combination that promotes love connections through community involvement.

Work on sending out signals and messages that are in alignment with what you truly want. Stop playing games.


The Empress points to a cycle in your life when the Universe wants you to get crystal clear on what you want your future to look like.

Venus alone is an astrological sign that promotes loving connections all around you.

Work on a vision board for the love you want to manifest. Feel free to extra specific on what it is your heart desires. 

Leave a comment or message below to share your experience with this Tarot Reading or to ask any questions that I can help clarify for you!

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