New Moon August 2019

What Does The New Moon On August 30, 2019 Mean?

Let me breakdown everything you need to know about the New Moon on August 30th, 2019. This New Moon is at 6º Virgo. New Moons are a moment of complete darkness in the sky symbolic of closing your eyes to look within (#meditation). Virgo, being an Earth Sign, will force you to draw your awareness to the material world. The material world being work, the body, finances, and the environment. The New Moon vibes will isolate all of the flaws in this area of your life – perfectionist Virgo can’t help it! This is a recipe for anxious needs to regain control of your environment in hopes for things to go back into flow

The Virgo New Moon’s ocd focus is a lesson around what it means to place too much attention on a plan, method, structure, or work where “nothing appears to be working“. This feeling is generally an indicator that you’re NOT paying attention to the things that really require your energy, like all of the other things that are working in your life. Use this New Moon as an opportunity to take a step back from your commitments, responsibilities, and work (personal and professional) to reassess where you want your energy to go towards then take the steps necessary to move into that new rhythm.

Saturn Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde

There are several trines developing with this New Moon. This is a rarity in itself, but I’m going to only tap into the one that involves the Virgo New Moon. The New Moon forms a trine with Uranus Rx. and Saturn Rx. Trines are favorable connections between the planets when it comes to Astrology as it shows us that the planets are working off of each other in harmony.

Saturn Retrograde has been in effect since April 29th, 2019. Saturn the task master really slows down when it goes Retrograde. It’s effects can feel like a bomb explosion if you don’t complete tasks in your life entirely methodical from start to finish. It’s a time to redo a task that exploded, sometimes repeatedly until it’s done right. Eck! Saturn rewards though, but only when you do it right.

Uranus Retrograde has been in effect since August 11th, 2019. Uranus creates unexpected rumbles for seismic electric shock changes in your life. When it goes Retrograde its changes just become more manageable or even just internal. 

So, we have the task master and the unexpected fueling the Virgo New Moon. The way this can all play out is unexpected miracles from months of hard work that will shift a new focus in your life. This is in addition to redirecting your energy as I mentioned above.


Ace of Swords is the Tarot Card for the Virgo New Moon. Ace of Swords holds the element of AIR – which covers things like your mind, thoughts, ideas, intellect, and mental health. Ace of Swords is much like the foundation to the culmination of it’s proceeding cards in the Suite of Swords. The core message to this card is to recognize that your mind will take you wherever you want to take it. Whether it’s a self-inflicting thought to a powerful life changing thought, it really is up to you to steer that wheel. 

This brings me back to the Virgo New Moon’s theme of a new focus. There will be a moment when you shift focus where your mind will challenge you with self-inflicting thoughts like “it’s never going to happen”, “you won’t be able to pay your bills” “you can’t achieve that”, etc. Don’t allow yourself to cave into the fear when that happens and regain control by steering the mind in a more optimistic thought cycle no matter how scary it may seem.


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