New Moon October 2019


October’s New Moon lands at 4º Scorpio. New Moon’s are a point in our day-to-day life cycle that encourages you to sit with yourself for a moment so you can get back in touch with your inner voice. It’s in these moments where you can find inspiration, ideas, and insights on how to move forward. Many times they are evoked by a new door opening setting a fresh tone into the unknown.

Scorpio infusing this New Moon forces you to go far below the surface to see what isn’t serving you anymore then purge, amputate, and say goodbye to it. It will create space to fill in something new, something… more you. This is the time to set new habits, routines, or a whole new lifestyle.

This New Moon has an erratic double whammy harsh aspect which is an opposition between the Sun & Moon with Uranus. Oppositions in the sky do what the word intuitively sounds like it would mean, it creates opposing forces or combative energy or conflict. These opposing forces need to find a balancing point or else the energy involved will become unstable. With Uranus, the planet of shock, change, and rebellion involved in the dynamic, events around this New Moon may lien more towards the wild uncontrollable side. However, they shouldn’t be something to fear.

Uranus sends out shocks to shake up anything stale or over done in order to carve out a new more exciting path for you. Although the events brought under this New Moon will be abrupt, look at it as an opportunity to give yourself a reason to make a dramatic change in your life. Whatever may it is trust that this is the start to your transformation that will be on going till the Full Moon in Scorpio (in 6 months).


If it feels like Mercury is always in retrograde, it’s because it kind of is. Mercury goes retrograde 3x, sometimes (if we’re lucky), 4x in a year. That means at the very least, we’re feeling its influence 24 weeks out of the 52 weeks in a year. So, yeah, it’s doing its thing almost 50% of the year.

October 11th, 2019 initiated what is known as
the Mercury Retrograde shadow period. This initiation marks the degree that Mercury will retrograde back to. For reference, this degree is 11º Scorpio. So, what you want to do is pay attention to events, themes, and opportunities that have occured since then. Keeping in mind that when Mercury officially goes Retrograde, which is October 31st, 2019 at 27º Scorpio, you will be revisiting them.

Revisiting things doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be nostalgic. It can bring closure. Show you a different perspective. Give you a second opportunity. I like to look at Mercury in Retrograde as a time to doing anything involving the prefix “Re”. Regroup, reevaluate, retrain, reenforce, revisit, review… You should get the picture by now.

To tighten up the themes of this Mercury going retrograde, we look to the Zodiac Sign it’s moving through, which is Scorpio. When Mercury is being influenced by Scorpio it’s a time to identify the root cause of an issue, allow secrets to resurface so we can finally confront them, develop a deeper connection, and dig up anything that’s been buried below the surface.


Your Tarot card for this Scorpio New Moon is 4 of Swords.

On this card, you’ll find Jupiter in Libra. Libra’s domain to weigh out decisions is being exasperated via Jupiter. It means no decision is being made, so, nothing can move forward. 

Therefore, when I see 4 of Swords I see lollygagging, beating around the bush, or the inability to follow through on a decision. These actions are a culprit of projecting decision responsibilities onto someone else. Your afraid of a commitment or making the wrong decision, so you tirelessly and anxiously wait for other person or some external influence to tell you what to do.

The lesson here is that if you want to see forward momentum again, you need to make the decision, then, commit to it till the very end. The wishy-washy action here, is extra weak.

Note, Scorpio (the energy for this New Moon), does not do anything half-ass, hence why we use this energy to go below the surface straight to the source. It’s in this depth where you can establish close and intimate connections. Any turning point, decision, or revelation under this New Moon will help you establish that kind of till death do us part connection. All it’s going to take is for you to finally dive in (or out) head first into the dark waters. Scary, but rewarding.

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